Our First-Ever Good Dairy Issue is Out Now; Get a Taste at our Publication Party on April 25th

Start spreading the news! Edible Manhattan’s first-ever dairy-themed issue has hit the streets and it’s a doozy—oozing everything from tres leches cake uptown and triple-crème camembert upstate to Little Italy’s last best ricotta and a hot Icelandic expat turned Tribeca yogurt don.

But the stories go way beyond delicious. Take that cone on the cover—it’s from our bittersweet tale about Momofuku Milk Bar’s longtime dairy demigod, an innovative but ill-fated young farmer who wrote his own rules until the day he didn’t. Prepare to cry in your cereal milk.

I downed my share of that sweet stuff, plus queso blanco, cave-aged Gruyere and cream-kissed cocktails in the making of these pages, but my mind was as gratified as my mouth. That’s because we meet Manhattan merchandisers who got their goats, explore the mystery—and history—of New York’s best cream cheese, uncover the connection between upstate milk and prison reform (you’ll see), decode Latino dairy cases in East Harlem supermarkets, see how Anne Saxelby grew from curd nerd to dairy queen, go behind the scenes at the mega monger’s mecca known as Murray’s Cheese and hear from Dan Barber about the small-batch wonder he calls single-udder butter.

If all that has you salivating, nab an issue here—and a ticket to our newest party, too: At Edible’s first-ever Good Dairy bash, these stories come to life as we nom, nibble and nosh on sweet and savory milky mouthfuls from the likes of Stinky Bklyn, Organic Valley, Murray’s Cheese, Vermont Butter & Cheese, Momofuku Milk Bar and many more.  The party is Wednesday, April 25th at OpenHouse Gallery from 6-9. Tickets are $25, and available hereSee you there, where I will propose a (piece of cheese-covered) toast. To good dairy!

Betsy Bradley

Elizabeth L. Bradley writes about New York City history and culture. She hopes to find Tiffany blue dragees in her Christmas stocking this year.

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