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herbs spread out on a marble table

Bush Tea

Gathering bush tea is an improvisational act, highly creative and seasonal. After my double-ish espresso, I head outside and see what’s what.

The New Player in the Savory Cocktail Trend

All around the country, bars and restaurants are embracing the trend of hyper-savory cocktails, experimenting with ingredients that venture beyond the traditional sweet-sour-fruity-herbal cocktail palate to land a distinct umami punch.

influencer emily fedner lays across a bar eating an anchovy

All-American Girl

Ukrainian-American, social media star, publicist, line cook. Emily Fedner has been it all and now she’s hungry for more.

root vegetable on a wooden background

Dirt on My Mind

Be crazy, expect nothing, get dirty, wake up with the sun, talk to yourself, prioritize color, stop over-mothering, organize chaos.

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1-2-3 Go!

Get out for one, two, or three days. Summer might be over but it’s not too late to break the hell out.


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