Backstage at the Beards, Home of the Coolest Food Tattoo Ever

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We know, we know, we’re way late to the game with our James Beard Foundation 2010 Awards photos. Last night’s food world Oscars has already been well covered, and covered well, by our friends at The Feed from Time Out, Metromix, Fork in the Road from the Village Voice and New York Magazine’s Grub Street, among many others.  Our big win made the first three of those, FYI: Check us out in our JBF bling!

But we still wanted to share a few of our favorite shots from inside the press room, just offstage at the incredibly elegant Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. You may not get to see the action on stage back there–we have to peer up at TV screens–but it’s a see-and-be-seen little world of it’s own in terms of food media, with the best food online, print, radio and TV reporters from around the country gathering in one spot, swapping hellos and stories and high fives for winners of the previous night’s journalism awards… and downing cocktails courtesy Pernod Ricard.

As the winning chefs–TONY’s got the scoop here–come offstage they come straight to us for interviews and photos. Better still, they usually stay, and as the awards get ticked off, the room gets fuller and more festive, thanks to the presence of gravy boatloads of culinary greatness in one little spot. It’s our favorite place to be during the awards each year, and no, it’s not just cause it’s the only room in the house with an open bar.

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