Watch as 224 People Eat Soup in Mid-Air, for Just $5

In case you missed the most recent Edible segment on NY1 about the High Line’s Social Soup Experiment, a skyhigh, sustainably sourced picnic for 224 people, be sure to check out the online version of the clip.

The event was put together by the High Line park to see what happens when dozens of New Yorkers from different backgrounds sit down together to share a meal — especially one that’s also historically appropriate: The High Line was originally used by trains transporting crops grown up river. Organizers hope the soup fest is the first of many communal meals to come. Better still the cost was just five bucks, as per Slow Food USA’s ongoing Five Dollar Challenge, which wants diners nationwide to prove you can eat healthfully and heartily for little money without fast food.

Not that the Social Soup Experiment was lacking in speed. By our estimation, 224 people slurped soup in the span of an hour and a half.


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