Lady Gaga’s Vogue Mag Meat Dress: Provenance Please!

The Lady and her lovely meat dress.

We do love it when trashy celebrity gossip — meaning today’s piece on Lady Gaga dressed only protein on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan courtesy the Daily News — falls into our laps here in the food world. (Their headline: In the Flesh.) This is one of the few times — she wore one to Sunday’s MTV Music Video awards too! — where we don’t have to pretend to feign disinterest. More details please! And we’re not talking about the uproar from PETA: We mean about the meat.

Can one of our mainstream media colleagues track down where photog Terry Richardson sourced these strung-together slabs? One can dream that perhaps these red beauties were the handiwork of Pat LaFrieda, the famous meatpacking butcher food writer Josh Ozersky profiled for us last year. Or even better, can one of our butcher friends tell us the type and cut? They look a little red to be Kobe beef, even though this is Vogue Japan. Personally, we’d give the Lady even more kudos if she’d worn nothing but a Man Steak from the Meat Hook over in Williamsburg. Say, we’ve just gotten an idea for the next cover of Edible Brooklyn

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