Pssst. We’re Having a Cocktail Party. It’s Called Good Spirits, and it’s on January 25th.

goodspirits-bg_smallWe’ve done brews (our summer Good Beer event), we’ve done Brooklyn Uncorked (that’s coming up in May). Now it’s time for the big guns: Edible’s movin’ on to booze. In two weeks we’re hosting our first-ever cocktail party at Almond on 22nd Street, and we’re calling it Good Spirits, naturally. The gist: Six Manhattan chefs will pair dishes with six spectacular drinks, and all you have to do is pick your favorite.

Still, that’s tougher than you think, since we’re pretty psyched about our six-pack set-up, which includes love matches between Gramercy Tavern and St. Germain; Almond and Rhum J.M.; Resto and Hendrick’s Gin; Rocking Horse Cafe and Sombra Mezcal; Ilili with Tuthilltown Distillery vodka; and Il Buco and Tuthilltown whiskey. Plus Roni-Sue’s is kicking in with cocktail-inspired chocolates, AND master city mixologist Jim Meehan (of PDT fame) will be there holding court with cocktail commentary and guidance–“Don’t spill!”–during the shindig. (Okay, he’ll actually be way more informative.)

Word is we’re already approaching sold-out status, so snap up your $40 pass now. If you enter the code “cocktail”–and really, there’s no reason not to–we’ll include a one-year subscription to Edible Manhattan. See you there, right? It’s Monday, January 25th, 6-9 pm at Almond Restaurant, 12 E. 22nd St. just off Broadway.

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