Edible TV on NY1 Begins on Nov 19th (When We Send a Few City Chickens to Stardom)

So, did we tell you we have a little food show starting on NY1? It begins November 19th and is co-produced by the talented Jennifer Prediger, who writes and creates video for Grist.org. Today you’ll start seeing this promo on the TVs at bodegas around the city! Exciting, eh? (And yes, that is a purple taro root bubble tea I am drinking.) Episode one is on city chickens, inspired by a piece on backyard birds called Room with a Coo we did way back when in Edible Brooklyn.

This time we take a peek at a more professional operation: The fine coops at Hattie Carthan Community Garden, which also has a Saturday farmer’s market. It’s at Clifton Place and Marcy Avenue in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, and is an amazing place: fruit trees, winterized covered rows, a greenhouse, running water, a brick oven, the chickens you see above, art installations, several picnicking areas and many many feet of edible goods under cultivation, the results of which you can buy on Saturdays through November.

But more importantly, they had a fire last weekend in their farmer’s market space and are in serious need of volunteers today to clear rubble as well as in need of leads on a new shed or old shipping container they might be able to use to replace the one that burned. (Send those to hattiecarthangarden@yahoo.com, the leads that is, not the sheds.) Happily, it appears the chicken coops and their inhabitants were unharmed. Which is nice, as they’ll both soon be TV stars.

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