Where to Eat Deviled Eggs Sourced From Local Farms

Maison Pickle’s D’Olived Eggs are worth a trip to the UWS. Photo courtesy Maison Pickle.

“I mix the yolk with mayonnaise, a few pieces of onion and sprinkled paprika,” says my 94-year old grandmother, recounting how she used to make deviled eggs. She reminisces about her childhood, when her mother and aunts would whip up this mayo-forward dish for birthday parties and cookouts.

Deviled eggs find their origin in ancient Rome. Its variations have passed through a number of countries and undergone multiple iterations, before arriving at its current status as a classic American hors d’oeuvre. Celebrate the dish with these four dishes, each of which uses eggs that come from within 100 miles of the city.

Foragers: Foragers Farm in Columbia County, New York
Since 2012, Foragers in Chelsea has been serving up homegrown produce and eggs from their farm in Columbia County, New York. Their deviled eggs dish, served with Dijon mustard and sherry vinegar, utilizes eggs from organically raised chickens.

Ardesia: Alderfer Farm in Telford, Pennsylvania
For the carnivores among us, Ardesia serves deviled eggs with bacon and chives. Although they frequently change up the garnish, Ardesia sticks with Alderfer Farm in Pennsylvania as their egg provider, delivered via Saxelby Cheesemongers.

Jacob’s Pickles: Brey’s Egg Farm in Bethel, New York
The Upper West Side’s Jacob’s Pickles serves deviled eggs with chives and paprika. The restaurants sources the foundation of this dish from family-owned and operated, Brey’s Egg Farm in upstate New York. Owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis says their deviled eggs “honor the traditions of home-cooking and service in America with (JP’s own) bold and bright flavors.”

Maison Pickle: Brey’s Egg Farm in Bethel, New York
Under the same hospitality group as Jacob’s, is “a little bit more retro chic (and) rock’n roll,” Maison Pickle, says Pickle Hospitality’s website. Also on the Upper West Side, Maison Pickle serves their D’Olived Egg with extra virgin olive oil, micro arugula, maldon salt, and mustard seeds. Like their contemporary, Maison Pickle procures their eggs from Brey’s Egg Farm.