SURVEY: What’s Your Best Holiday DIY? + Mouth Giveaway!

instagram carolinelange13

instagram carolinelange13

Just like that, the first week of December is past (yikes!). In my family, this means that it’s time for holiday preparations to begin: Over the next few weeks, we’ll find and trim a tree, wrap gifts, seal and send Christmas cards and furiously clean the house in anticipation of visiting friends and relatives. But before any of this happens, we’ll make my grandmother’s fruitcake — a massive, dense round studded with red and green citrons, chopped nuts and currants. The fruitcake process has to begin early in the month, because every few days over the next few weeks, my father will faithfully heft the cake in its vast holly-patterned tin from its spot on the top of our refrigerator and moisten it with a few glugs from a bottle of brandy. We eat it well into the New Year and pawn it off on anyone who drops by.

What’s your best holiday DIY (in three steps or less)? A homemade wreath? Fruitcake for all your loved ones? Massive paper snowflakes? Share it with us! One creative reader will win a bundle of Editors’ Picks from Mouth: White Truffle Pipcorn, a chocolate peanut butter nougat bar, turkey jerky and sweet bread-and-butter pickles. Two will win $40 gift cards to Mouth’s online store. Several favorite DIYs will be published in our January issue!

Give your answer in the form below. If you have trouble seeing it, please click here. Participants will also have access to a 15 percent discount code to Mouth on the survey’s completion page.

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Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange is a writer and cook based in Brooklyn, NY.

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