Splendid Spoon Makes Going Meatless Easy, Affordable and Delicious

Splendid Spoon makes it easy to move away from meat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot to light: issues of workers’ rights, the correlation between wealth disparity and health disparity, the ongoing and increasing cost of a carnivorous America. The list goes on and on—but we think it’s safe to say that this has never been more clear: We all need to make a change.

Around here, due not only to meat shortages across the country but the obvious and increasing environmental stress of eating animals, part of our personal commitment to change has been to eat plant-based meals as much as possible. Splendid Spoon has made it easy.

A vegan meal subscription service, Splendid Spoon is everything we’ve ever wanted in a meal delivery box. The packaging in each shipment is sparse and intentional, with all meals arriving in containers that are plant-based insulated. With plans starting at just $65 per week, the cost is affordable. The available plans—which include Lunch, Breakfast+Lunch, or Breakfast+Lunch+Reset—cover all our nutritional bases, with smoothies, soups and grains bowls that are nourishing, interesting and flavorful. And it’s all just so easy, to boot.

Splendid Spoon is offering Edible readers $25 off their first box.

We first tried Splendid Spoon at the very beginning of New York’s being on PAUSE, when the shelves of our neighborhood markets were bare and anxiety across the city was buzzing across every empty space. Here’s why we’ve been subscribers ever since.

Splendid Spoon offers three different plans to choose from—all of them completely customizable.

The Meals Are Nutritious and Delicious

We’ll be honest: At first, we were a little nervous about trusting a subscription service with two-thirds of our meals each day. Our fears, it turned out, were unfounded. Splendid Spoon’s offerings are not only nutritious and affordable—they’re objectively delicious, as well.

Our first box arrived full of smoothies, grain bowls and soups. They were not our mama’s smoothies, grain bowls and soups. Splendid Spoon’s smoothie offerings include creative flavor combinations, such as Carrot Ginger Chia and Blackberry Basil. Their AB&J—Almond Butter and Jelly—was almost too good to be tru(ly healthy, but it was).

Their soups are similarly creative, with global flavors we know and love (and even some we weren’t familiar with yet). Favorites include Kabocha Congee, Chickpea Harissa Tahini and Masala Khichri.

Our favorite of their offerings, though, proved to be the grain bowls. Hearty and filling, these bowls range in flavor from Sweet Potato Quinoa to Brown Rice Taco, Tuscan White Bean & Tomato to Coconut Curry Rice. Yum.

The Plans Are Customizable

At Splendid Spoon, there is no sense of one-size-fits-all. Instead, the company offers three different plans: Lunch (5 bowls delivered weekly), Breakfast+Lunch (5 smoothies and 5 bowls delivered weekly), and Breakfast+Lunch+Reset (5 smoothies, 5 bowls and 1 full-day reset delivered weekly).

All of their meals are plant-based and gluten-free. If you want frozen chicken-covered pizza, this isn’t the meal subscription service for you—(but what is? You live in the city; order your pizza locally like a normal person)—but that’s where the limitations end.

Want to try Splendid Spoon for yourself? Sign up here.

Each week, Splendid Spoon offers a weekly menu. You can select the menu as is, on their website, or you can pick your own meals (they have over 40 to choose from). So not only can you customize how many meals you’ll receive each week from the company, you can choose exactly which meals you’ll receive.

With plans starting at just $65 per week, Splendid Spoon is affordable.

Splendid Spoon Makes Eating Well Easy—And Low Impact

Like fast fashion, fast food is undeniably convenient—but it carries a huge environmental cost. Splendid Spoon offers all the same convenience, with none of the environmental impact.

While the company’s meals do arrive frozen (to keep them fresh in transit), all of their smoothies, bowls and soups are made with whole ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably sourced. The service’s packaging is also minimal, limiting waste, and all Splendid Spoon containers are insulated with plant-based materials. Of course there is still the environment impact of the shipping itself, but that’s about it. No factory farms here.

Splendid Spoon’s tagline is true: Busy can be healthy. And even when we’re on PAUSE, not quite busy but just trying to eat better and more responsibly without too much effort or stress, Splendid Spoon makes doing so easy. Who could want more from a meal delivery service than that?

Want to try Splendid Spoon for yourself? Sign up here. Splendid Spoon is generously offering Edible readers $25 off their first box.