Burger Report: At Bill’s Bar & Burger, No LTO Needed

Three of these were eaten by one Edible staffer. Urp.

In the course of planning our upcoming Meat Issue — oh, don’t even pretend to be surprised — we had a little planning sesh at the massive new Bill’s Bar & Burger that opened at 6 West 51st Street in Rockefeller late last fall.

The place has a wall of TVs, a page-long list of craft beers including a nicely bitter number brewed specially for them by Sixpoint Craft Ales, and more importantly can — and does, daily  — seats 400 people at one time.  Here’s what we learned, other than the fact the sliders served only at Rock Center, are awesome — though food writer Josh already told us that, right here in this video. That is that we really enjoyed, for what may be for the first time in our lives (other than some drunken late night barbecue where post-sunset pickins were slim) our patty unadorned with lettuce and tomato and onion, or even mustard, or ketchup, or even mayo. In fact, a few pickles was all that graced the “classic” burger we devoured, and that was all we needed. Incredible meat, courtesy Pat LaFrieda’s famous beefy blend, a super-soft, grease-soaked sesame-seed topped bun, those pickles, and that’s it. Or “c’est tout!,” as the French tourists no doubt exclaim after they head into Bill’s to check out a damn fine specimen of un hamburguer Americain.




Rachel Wharton is the former deputy editor of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan. She won a 2010 James Beard food journalism award, holds a master’s degree in Food Studies from New York University, and has more than 15 years of experience as a writer, editor and reporter. A North Carolina native and a former features food reporter for the New York Daily News, she edited the Edible Brooklyn cookbook and was the co-author of both Handheld Pies and DiPalo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy. Her work also appears in publications such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Saveur.