Apologies to our herbivore friends, but perhaps more than fireworks and beer, the Fourth of July brings to mind memories of one all-American pastime: grilling meat.

      Your Favorite Street Meats Get a Sustainable Makeover

      There’s kind of running joke among certain city chowhounds about how the mandate to eat humanely raised meats and locally sourced produce is lifted for street food, immigrant-run holes in the wall and food trucks. On May 6 you can earn both locavore and food explorer points at the very same time.

      Our Brooklyn Butchery How-To, In Photos

      It was a carnivore’s dream on February 22nd at the Brooklyn Brewery when meat-eaters flocked (get it?) to see the experts from Marlow & Daughters, Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats and Brooklyn Cured demonstrate how to butcher at “How to Slice it,” the latest installment in our popular How to series. Here’s a little wrap-up of what you missed (or want to relive) last week: