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Apologies to our herbivore friends, but perhaps more than fireworks and beer, the Fourth of July brings to mind memories of one all-American pastime: grilling meat.

Your Favorite Street Meats Get a Sustainable Makeover

There’s kind of running joke among certain city chowhounds about how the mandate to eat humanely raised meats and locally sourced produce is lifted for street food, immigrant-run holes in the wall and food trucks. On May 6 you can earn both locavore and food explorer points at the very same time.

Our Brooklyn Butchery How-To, In Photos

It was a carnivore’s dream on February 22nd at the Brooklyn Brewery when meat-eaters flocked (get it?) to see the experts from Marlow & Daughters, Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats and Brooklyn Cured demonstrate how to butcher at “How to Slice it,” the latest installment in our popular How to series. Here’s a little wrap-up of what you missed (or want to relive) last week:

We Profile Essex Street Market’s Newest Butcher: Heritage Meat Shop

Until now Heritage, which is based in Brooklyn, only sold its meats directly to chefs and restaurants or online, serving as broker between small family farms who can’t afford to process their proteins or don’t have a place nearby to do it and the city customers who want sustainably sourced meat but can’t work with a whole animal.