On Sunday: Bird Brains and Potluck Pies

Hot Chicks! Keep this guy in grub, or just learn how to raise him. Photo by Rebecca McCalpin
Hot Chicks! Get the scoop on this guy on Sunday. Photo by Rebecca McCalpin.

Last weekend, we’re embarassed to admit, Edible Manhattan finally made its first foray to Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, the fully functioning Greenpoint warehouse rooftop garden our sister pub, Edible Brooklyn, profiled last summer.

We’re really glad we did. Even if you’re not the type to be won over by erudite and awesome farmers (Ben Flanner and Annie Novak) or the new chickens their coop, or the bees in their boxes, or the many many rows of vegetables and herbs still tiny in their springy states, or the shop where you can already buy Brooklyn radishes and greens, you’d sure dig the view of our own borough, which is about as stunning as it gets from way up high on Eagle Street, which is way up high in Greenpoint.

We were there to catch the lecture on bee-keeping, so recently legalized (we did a piece on urban apiaries, called Sweet Honey in the Block, ourselves) and found out that Sundays are frequently  volunteer days, meaning you can show up from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to work or just catch a bit of education thanks to a series of lectures on urban agriculture. This Sunday at 2 p.m., for example,  is a panel discussion on city chickens, featuring local experts who have backyard or community garden flocks of their own. (Some of whom Edible Brooklyn covered in an article called Room with a Coo in the last issue.)

Even better, this Sunday the farm is hosting a pie potluck to help raise money for their new coops and chicken feed for their new inhabitants. You can pay $10 to eat all the pie you like, or bring one and get in for free. (RSVP right here on Facebook.) Though maybe don’t bring  a chicken pot pie, right?


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