Your Favorite Street Meats Get a Sustainable Makeover

There’s kind of running joke among certain city chowhounds about how the mandate to eat humanely raised meats and locally sourced produce is lifted for street food, immigrant-run holes in the wall and food trucks. This Sunday, readers, you’ll have your chance to earn both locavore and food explorer points at the very same time. In what we consider a genius idea, this Sunday (May 6; 11:30 am to 2:30 pm) The Vendy Awards will partner with New Amsterdam Market on International Meats Local.

Five Vendy-loved vendors will head to New Amsterdam Market at the Seaport to cook their usual specials with ingredients from Union Square greenmarkets, Marlow and Daughters and Bobo poultry. Better still, we’ve got a special code — local0563 — that’s good for the  first lucky 20 readers to get 25% off the ticket priceAnd…. the menu includes:

Taiwanese beef and kimchi dumplings by A-pous
Mexican egg and chorizo dumplings by Eggstravaganza
Pork tamales by Guadelupes Tamales
Chicken pupusas by Solber Pupusas
Jamaican Jerk Chicken by Veronica’s Kitchen.

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