It’s the First Day of Summer, Y’all!

They're Here: Right on Cue, It's Greenmarket Peaches. Photo by KThread via Flickr.
They’re Here: Right on cue, it’s Greenmarket peaches (but maybe they came to see Alice Waters, too). Photo by KThread via Flickr.

Makes Monday just that much more tolerable, right? Coupled with the fact that we scored our first peaches of the season this weekend. As a matter of fact, when we were buying them — at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Saturday morning — we ran into Alice Waters, who was being shown around town by the head honcho of Slow Food USA, which just happens to be headquartered here in the city. What really delighted us was that people seemed to recognize her, stopping one of the leaders of the locavore movement to tell her they admire her work the same way they’d stop Beyonce or Sarah Jessica.

A decade ago, those in the small farm and sustainable agriculture movement were still pretty skeptical that mainstream American buyers might ever wait a few months to really enjoy a local peach when you just get a cheaper Chilean one all year round, and forget the idea of spending a few pennies more on local grains or local bacon or local cream cheese, all of which people now seek out for myriad reasons. But seeing Waters mobbed by fans reminds us yet again things are changing for the better: Not a bad way to kick off the official start of the season, eh?

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