East End Dispatch: Edible Office Lunch

When Stephen and I hatched Edible East End it was over the now apocryphal New Year’s Eve oystering session. Part of the business plan has always been squeezing in at least one such hands-on edible experience each week. Sometimes that just means sharing soup and sandwiches, and batting around 2011 East End story ideas, over a midday lunch break.

Today’s Edible office lunch was from Breadzilla in Wainscott, who we’ve chronicled before. It included the shredded duck quesadilla with Jack cheese, sour cream, avocado, tomato and green sauce, and the spicy tuna jack on 8-grain bread (a whole 8-grain loaf is also shown). Also in our lunch order were a grilled cheese sandwich and falafel sandwich (crispy homemade falafels on toasted squishy with lettuce, tomato and fresh lemon sesame tahini sauce.

Abby Carney

Abby Carney is the editor of Edible Queens and writes about everything from women’s issues and politics to breakfast tacos and subversive Lebanese poets for Texas Monthly, The Washington Post, Forbes and other magazines and websites. Follow along with her on Twitter @abbymcarney.

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