Dear Obama: Go Eat at Northern Spy

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Hey Obama, hail to the chief for your speech about regulating carbon and cleaning up power plants! In that spirit, maybe you want to make a dinner reservation at Northern Spy tonight? Not only is the East Village restaurant and Eat-Drink-Local partner seriously locavore—which means each ingredient uses way less fossil fuel than the shipped-in stuff—but co-owner Christophe Hille further caps his carbon by transporting his Greenmarket bounty back from Union Square using one of his two tricked-out cargo bikes. So the Long Island bluefish and Hudson Valley watercress you and your secret service entourage could tuck into for dinner are as virtuous as they are delicious. May we recommend the succulent-sustainable squid salad for you and the bicep-friendly signature kale salad for FLOTUS.

While there, we hope you’ll talk about the Farm Bill with Hille—after all, he originally moved to New York to get his food studies masters at NYU and knows almost as much about food politics as he does about cooking—which is saying something.

And Bo, if you want to learn about other bike-powered chefs and restaurateurs, just check our feature in the next issue of Edible Manhattan, out next week—or if you can’t wait, just ask the guys at NSA to download it from my email.

Betsy Bradley

Elizabeth L. Bradley writes about New York City history and culture. She hopes to find Tiffany blue dragees in her Christmas stocking this year.

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