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roasted tomatoes--Gabrielle Langholtz

DIY Dinner: Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

A few Falls ago I had a surfeit of unremarkable romas which I roasted with low heat and lower expectations. They were so good, I now look forward to October as tomato season’s super-sweet finish.

5 Great Cheeses for a Locavore Summer Picnic

Summer picnics are an easy means to while away a sweltering afternoon, especially when you can linger over a cheese plate. To strike the right balance between pleasing the crowd and impressing the fromage aficionado in your party, check out these picnic faves, recommended by some of our favorite experts in the field.

Dear Obama: Go Eat at Northern Spy

Hey Obama, hail to the chief for your speech about regulating carbon and cleaning up power plants! In that spirit, maybe you want to make a dinner reservation at Northern Spy tonight?

A Locavore in Barbados

Where some vacationers see surf and sand, this sustainable food expert finds local okra,
grassfed lamb and the rumblings of an agricultural transformation.

Why Bourbon Belongs at Breakfast

… but I’m especially obsessed with their “baby bourbon,” so my mouth started watering when owner Ralph Erenzo mentioned that he was aging maple syrup in his old bourbon barrels.