Chefs Share Their Favorite Vegetarian Dishes in New York City

Chef Albert Di Meglio of Barano loves Taim’s falafel sandwich. Photo credit: Facebook/Taim.

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This week, a selection of their favorite vegetarian dishes in New York City.

Just because these dishes don’t have meat, doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious! Here’s a list of herbivore-friendly dishes for everyone:

Popeye Pizza at ABC Kitchen

35 E 18th St., Union Square
I love the three cheese used (Pecorino, Gruyère, and mozzarella), the slightly charred spinach, and the perfect dough made by Jim Lahey. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Jean-Georges

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi at The Spotted Pig

314 W 11th St., West Village
If you try these gnudi, they will ruin gnudi for you—forever. They are almost like a ravioli, but much more delicate. They have the thinnest sheet of pasta wrapped around the freshest ricotta I’ve ever had. Dale Talde, Top Chef Contestant

Carnaroli Risotto at SD26

The periwinkles, extra-virgin olive oil, and lemon give the risotto a much fuller flavor without overcooking it. There is still a nice crunch to each and every grain. Alain Allegretti, Beautique

Square Slice at Ben’s Pizza

I take my kids here every chance I get. It’s the closest thing to the pizza of my childhood while growing up in the Bronx. The square slice (Sicilian, as we know it) has a slightly sweet sauce that is the perfect complement to the melted mozzarella cheese, and its lightly pan-fried bottom crust speaks to my soul. Jim Botsacos, Consulting Chef

Falafel Sandwich at Taïm Falafel And Smoothie Bar

The falafel sandwich is so good here. The only problem is that I never know which flavor to get, so I get one green (herb) and one harissa. I always share with someone so I can eat half of each. Any side of vegetables here is amazing as well! Albert Di Meglio, Barano

General Tso’s ToFu Sub at NO. 7 NORTH

This sounds really stupid, and it kind of is, but this is like a bastardized version of a vegetarian Vietnamese bánh mì—sort of Chinese, but not really. It has pickled ginger and shiso. It’s so good! I love it dearly. Thank you No. 7 Sub. Brooks Headley, Superiority Burger

Ravioli Ai Porcini at Il Mulino New York

Extremely rich and decadent, the champagne truffle cream sauce is amazing! Abe Hiroki, EN Japanese Brasserie

Zaru Soba at Sobaya

ll of the hand-cut soba dishes are special, but the zaru soba is the simplest, and in my opinion, does the best job of highlighting the quality of the noodles. Daniel Holzman, The Meatball Shop

Pizza Zucchini at Sullivan Street Bakery

It’s a slice on a whole new level. It’s thin, crispy, and slightly chewy, and the intense flavor of zucchini and garlic is so unique and delicious. Tien Ho, Whole Foods Markets

Spicy Dried Tofu at Grand Sichuan

I’m a spice junkie and when Grand Sichuan is firing on all cylinders, there’s no better chili oil and Sichuan peppercorn delivery system than spicy dried tofu skin.
Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy

Roasted Kabocha Squash Toast at ABC Kitchen

I am obsessed with Dan Kluger’s cooking, so we go to ABC whenever we can. On more than one occasion, we have ordered the squash toast for an appetizer and then ordered it again at some point in the meal because we just needed more. Marc Murphy, Landmarc

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