Behind the Scenes with Num Pang’s Ben Daitz


Ben Daitz is not Cambodian.

But his sandwiches are (and so is his business partner), and a passport is not required to run the Southeast Asian sandwich game. His sandwich shops Num Pang (Cambodian slang for bread or sandwich) have been changing the sandwich scene since opening a Union Square shop with the square footage of a rickshaw in 2009, and they’ve gone full-on Manhattan in the years since.

No, Ben Daitz is not Cambodian. But as he proves in this video, he does know flavor: the sweet, sour and spicy Southeast Asian kind, and the New York spray paint hip hop kind.

Want to learn more about how Num Pang created the greatest sandwich on earth? Click here.

Lauren Matison

Lauren Matison is the co-founder and editor of, an award-winning green travel guide covering car-free getaways from New York and San Francisco. Lauren also writes for Lonely Planet, Bicycling Magazine, Budget Travel, and the Huffington Post, and enjoys spending her free time biking between the vineyards, farms and beaches of Long Island. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

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