I, Basil Hoarder

It’s almost Friday — so here’s a garden-fresh basil-based cocktail for your Thursday night drinking pleasure.

Cocktail of the Week: Desert Shandy

I love a Shandy. And, up until now, I was fairly well satisfied with just your average, work-a-day beer-n’-lemonade combo, if ever for its refreshing, low-alcohol “ahhhh” charms on a warm, sunny day. That is until I was ruined forevermore by talented barman, Eamon Rockey.

America’s Original Drink Makes a Comeback

Cider isn’t just that saccharine, bubbly stuff kids drink when the adults want to propose a toast anymore. Nowadays, the apple-based drink–in drier, sparkling, boozy forms–is competing with craft beers for space on upscale restaurant menus.

Black Cherry Bourbon

Leave it to Marie Viljoen to inspire us to forage more. That gal is always thinking ahead. Last summer she gathered a gorgeous bounty of fruit, which she turned into the black cherry bourbon she now uses to mix cocktails in the dead of winter.

New York’s First Ever Vermouth

After a rigorous hike in the Alps, Adam Ford and his wife Glynis toasted their feat over a locally made vermouth in the Italian town of Courmayeur. That day, his perception of vermouth–and in turn, that of many New Yorkers–was changed forever.