Saving the Season: Tomatillos

tomatillo formatted horiz

Back when I was obsessed with canning, I thought tomatillos were spicy. I guess it’s the company they keep.

Now that I’m doing the work-parenthood juggle, I’m more inclined to preserve the harvest in my freezer than in ball jars. That suits tomatillos just fine, which is a good thing because I’ve lately developed a mole verde habit. Sure, in late summer, I add the bright, tart fruit to salsa raw, but I love them even more in a long slow braise. tomatillo puree formatted

Since tomatillos haven’t yet taken a bow, I stocked up this week at the Greenmarket. Prepping them took less time than writing these sentences: I just removed the husks, rinsed and rough chopped the fruit, and gave it a quick whir in the blender. Now I’ve got a few quarts of tomatillo puree on ice, ready to deploy some wintry day for warm dishes like this one.

tomatillo puree