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Foraging Walk: Inwood Hill Park

We will walk under the soaring tulip poplars, and through the shadow of the valley of spicebush. We will discover carpets of edible invasives like garlic mustard, nettles, and daylilies… Come prepared for a relatively brisk walk that includes hills and some rough paths. Your reward will be a wild foods tasting picnic, enjoyed either in the forest or beside the water.

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IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Urban Pigweed

In our latest issue, Marie Viljoen shares her tips for foraging for and dining on pigweed–a hearty weed once cultivated by the Aztecs for its precious seeds that now takes over the city come summer time. From sautéed atop crostini to baked in a pigweed tart, Viljoen offers several ways to enjoy the nutritious leaves.

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IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Burdock Stems

In our current issue, Marie Viljoen, mistress of edible weeds, waxes eloquent about the flowering stems of the burdock plant. “Those who eat burdock typically cook only the root. But the fast-growing stems are a delicious wild food. Cooked, they are a semantic and gustatory marriage of globe and Jerusalem artichokes,” she writes.

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Black Cherry Bourbon

Leave it to Marie Viljoen to inspire us to forage more. That gal is always thinking ahead. Last summer she gathered a gorgeous bounty of fruit, which she turned into the black cherry bourbon she now uses to mix cocktails in the dead of winter.

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