Our Weekly Giveaway: Win an Engraved Cheese Grotto Fresco

Cheese Grotto is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and they’ve launched a holiday crowdfunding campaign to support the creation of their next product: the Cheese Grotto Fresco. “I have worked long and hard for many months to provide a unique variety of limited edition, handmade campaign offerings at varying prices, all to be delivered before December 22nd, 2017,” says owner Jessica Sennett.

To celebrate, she’s giving Edible readers a chance to win one of the first, limited-run Cheese Grotto Fresco models, exclusively available through the Cheese Grotto Holiday Crowdfunding Campaign. The winner will receive their Cheese Grotto Fresco by December 22nd, 2017, and it will be customized with initials of their choosing.

Here’s more about the Cheese Grotto Fresco:

Birch wood has been traditionally used in cheese preservation for hundreds of years. Its bark has been wrapped as a belt around soft cheeses for even ripening and added woodsy flavor, and has been made into barrels for the aging of Greek Feta. It’s also been used during the smoking of Idiazabal cheese. Most importantly, birch has been used as shelves for aging in caves. Its tight surface is slower to absorb and release moisture, making it excellent for long-term storage. The finished birch featured in this model is sustainably made, and non-toxic. The finish on the birch makes it mold and stain resistant, both in the interior and exterior.

The Grotto Fresco has a smaller footprint of 7 inches by 9 inches with a height of 8 inches, making it the perfect size for the metropolitan cheese lover with a smaller refrigerator who loves entertaining on the weekends. Shelving heights accommodate just about any cheese.

It features a bio-based, non-toxic, anti-microbial floor made of linseed oil which helps naturally regulate any mold growth and the genuine leather tab makes for an easy grip on the sliding door.

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