Urban Salt-Making, Foraging and Farming: Watch the PBS ‘Victory Garden’ Profile of New York City

Let’s just say that if it weren’t for PBS, we probably wouldn’t watch much food TV nowadays. Sure there’s David Chang’s Mind of a Chef and Vivian Howard’s A Chef’s Life, which we totally dig, but did you know that they broadcast dozens of shows including an Edible Feast remake of the classic Victory Garden series?

The network recently teamed up with the James Beard award–winning Perennial Plate to profile Edible communities from around the country. New York City made the cut, and our eyes have been glued to the screen ever since the full episode hit the web. Some highlights?

  • Watching how solar-powered salt production happens in the middle of Manhattan
  • Learning apartment-proof techniques for growing your own microgreens
  • Identifying edible “weeds” often found in sidewalk cracks
  • Seeing how to safely roast eggplant over an open flame

Watch above as some of our favorite local stories come to life. Curious to learn more? Read this crop of related stories from our archives:

Featured photo credit: Lindsay Morris

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