Our 2014 Local Heroes, According to You


It’s no secret that New York is passionate about its local food artisans, chefs, farmers, non-profits and shops. We chose our nominees and put the selections to your vote. Thanks to everyone who participated and — most importantly — thanks to the individuals and organizations who continue to make eating in the city unlike anywhere else. Winners or not, we couldn’t be more proud of our innovative and enterprising borough.

Based on your votes, here are our 2014 Local Heroes:

Chef/Restaurant: Dan Kluger, ABC Kitchen

dan kluger

Facebook / ABC Kitchen

Food Store/Market: Union Square Greenmarket


Facebook / GrowNYC

Farm/Farmer: Riverpark Farm

Photo credit: Rich Pomerantz

Food/Beverage Artisan: Kamel Saci

Non-profit Organization: City Harvest

city harvest

Facebook / City Harvest