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We’re closing our travel issue this week, but before we print, we need to choose a cover—and we want your help.

Above are the leading candidates, selected from just a few of our favorite stories in the issue: on a Park Slope pasta master who rolls and cuts to order, a Noma co-founder’s New York empire, a gimmick-free Clinton Hill bar that only serves New York libations and a three food-forward itineraries for Lenox, MA, Chicago and North Carolina.

We think you’ll love the stories behind these images. But first tell us—which should make the cover? Tell us and you could win a 1-year subscription to the magazine.

See the options below in order of appearance. We keep the right to make the final call, but value your input.

  1. Creamed corn at Wilmington, NC’s Catch restaurant—Baxter Miller
  2. A chef plates beets at Grand Central’s Agern restaurant—Cayla Zahoran
  3. Consider Bardwell cheese—Eric Medsker
  4. Burano’s fishing boats in the Venetian lagoon—Courtesy of Venissa
  5. A dish at Grand Central’s Agern—Cayla Zahoran
  6. Flags lining a Lenox, MA street—Scott Gordon Bleicher
  7. Pasta making tools—Scott Gordon Bleicher
  8. Hands making pasta—Scott Gordon Bleicher
  9. A mantis shrimp dish at Ristorante Venissa—Courtesy of Venissa
  10. New York booze at Cardiff Giant—Scott Gordon Bleicher

Can’t see the form? Vote here or leave us a comment!

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