My New York Food: Patrick Ta



“Nothing brings me more comfort than a visit to DOMODOMO. Almost every day I’m in NYC, or even twice sometimes, I’m stopping in to get my fill. The Asian destination has beautiful, minimalist interiors that mirror my personal style, too. Growing up as a kid, seafood night was always a delicious celebratory occasion for my family—even today, seafood is a treat. At DOMODOMO, you’ll find me at the sushi counter ordering Tobiko Pasta: linguine, crabmeat, and tobiko. It’s a dreamy combination of smoky and salty—heaven, if you ask me. Ironically, while most know me for makeup, the DOMODOMO staff know me by this dish, even if the hostess has a Patrick Ta lipstick stashed behind the podium.”

Patrick Ta

Photo Illustration by Sofia Bonati