VIDEO: David Burke’s Skate Wing Chops


It’s hard to imagine Chef David Burke getting inspiration from a turkey club, but when the whimsical chef got his start, it was “a beautiful dish to me.”

In our Inspired Recipes series we talk to chefs about how they got their start, and the David Burke Townhouse chef’s beginnings were not cultivated in a glamorous setting. “I started cooking as a teenager,” Burke said. “I didn’t cook as a kid, I didn’t have an Italian family… Food was not an event at our house. It was a necessity.” But he did get a start as a dishwasher and moved his way up through some casual kitchens in New Jersey before finally getting a break from a manager at his local country club. “He taught me everything,” Burke remembered, “about butchering and working on the line and making meat and showing up.”

To hear more about Burke’s path and to learn a recipe for skate wing piccata, watch the video above.

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