Snag Your Seat for Shared Bounty This Saturday at the New School

Mary Cleaver will be one of the speakers suggesting how we can amp up the local food economy at Saturday's New School event.

If you don’t yet have plans for Saturday evening and you’re looking for a chance to mingle with New York food and drink movers and shakers, you might snag your seat for Shared Bounty, a discussion about how to amp up the local food economy at the New School. The event, designed not just for food professionals but also particularly interested and activist eaters, will feature a coffee roaster, a food service provider, a Greenmarket manager, a couple of chefs, a few farmers and an agricultural economist discussing what economic opportunities (and challenges) they have seen in building stronger ties between urban buyers and close-by farmers.

You might recall that last fall, Edible Manhattan collaborated with the New School’s innovative Food Studies program to host an Edible Institute that featured panel discussions on the DIY renaissance, authentic eats in Gotham (featuring a masked Robert Sietsema), food politics, and the very popular final panel on New York City’s ever-changing drinks culture. Like the Edible Institute, the Shared Bounty event, co-produced by GrowNYC, the New School and Edible Manhattan, won’t just provoke lively debate on matters of our city and region’s food. It will also put buyers and sellers, writers and politicians, in the same room, where they can get to know each other, and hopefully make a deal.

Get the full speaker line-up and information on reserving your space here.

Abby Carney

Abby Carney is the editor of Edible Queens and writes about everything from women’s issues and politics to breakfast tacos and subversive Lebanese poets for Texas Monthly, The Washington Post, Forbes and other magazines and websites. Follow along with her on Twitter @abbymcarney.

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