Inside Seaport District’s New Hidden Cocktail Bar, Mr. Cannon

The hidden bar has a sultry vibe.

Garden Bar’s stunning 78-foot foliage-covered terrace might be garnering the most attention as Seaport District’s explosive summer centerpiece, but the hottest new nightlife addition is just out of sight at Mr. Cannon.
Blink and you’ll miss finding the entrance of this exclusive cocktail bar, tucked away down Cannon’s Walk, an alley located next to the new Seaport Food Lab, and marked subtly by an image of a rat and a doorbell. Inside lies a sultry speakeasy with vintage Bohemian accents and a decidedly modern edge.

House mixologist Chris Kearns (formerly of the Roxy Hotel) oversees the bar, with a unique spirit-forward menu peppered with South American and Stateside influences from his Peruvian-born, New England–raised mixed upbringing. Think: banana, coconut, Memphis barbecue bitters blended with Santa Teresa 1796 Solera rum, Illegal Mezcal Joven and Laphroaig scotch, garnished with a black lava salt rim in the Cannon’s Smoke. Kearns infuses rose and chaga mushroom powder into Belvedere vodka for the Longshoreman—the latter of which he takes regularly after seeing his mother’s health improve from its holistic benefits.

Cocktails are on the pricier end of the $17 average (it’s near Wall Street, what did you expect?), but prone to slow sipping. For those who want to do it up, Mr. Cannon has its frills: along with cocktails and a premium Champagne list, the bar features a tableside mojito cart ($23) with a choice of Bacardi Superior or Bacardi Oakheart Rum.

Mr. Cannon is located at 206 Front St. in Manhattan, open daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.