Big Weekend at NYBG: Fun for the Kids. And Grown-Ups Too.

We know, we know, the leafy, harvest-time, pumpkin-picking flash ads above and at right, can be distracting. (Lidia Bastianich! Bill Telepan! On stage with their children! This Columbus Day weekend!) But NYBG is one of our favorite city institutions–even if it’s not in Manhattan–and that’s why we’ve decided to be one of the sponsors of The Edible Garden.

An exhibit, by the way, that makes this one of the very best times for any self-described foodie to go check the place out. Click the ads at the top and right of this screen, to get the whole photosynthetic schedule, and to buy your tickets. Just two more weekends to this spectacular gardening-cooking mashup exhibit.

Abby Carney

Abby Carney is the editor of Edible Queens and writes about everything from women’s issues and politics to breakfast tacos and subversive Lebanese poets for Texas Monthly, The Washington Post, Forbes and other magazines and websites. Follow along with her on Twitter @abbymcarney.

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