Pass the Rolls and Praise the Host; It’s Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

May your heritage birds be perfectly brined, your cornbread stuffing contain loads of briny East End oysters, and your cranberries be from local bogs. Here’s to the result of those trips home from the Greenmarket with Long Island cheese pumpkins, Jersey Brussels sprouts and Upstate bacon. Should you need any brain food while the turkey roasts, we’ve got plenty of reading material on the holiday. And should you need any tips, be sure to check out our editor-in-chief talking turkey on the news just yesterday. In the meantime, pass the rolls and praise the host and watch out for parade floats: It’s Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

Give Thanks for This: The “Secret Farm Bill” Has Failed, Paves Way For Local Food, Farms and Jobs Act

In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw that American farmers were producing too much; they weren’t earning off their extra work or surplus. In came the New Deal with the first-ever Farm Bill, set to end overproduction by paying farmers to grow less. In the ’70s, a man named Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture at the time, thought that idea was nuts, and so he paid farmers instead to “get big or get out”–referring of course to farming by the thousands of acres and those devoted to just a few crops. It was a perfectly good idea at the time for a country still discovering the value of its land and thenew global marketplace, which seemed to have no problem taking on the surplus. We couldn’t know then what has happened, which has also included farmers growing more crops for secondary, inedible products like corn syrup and cow feed rather than feeding us.

It’s Game Day for Grocers, So Be Kind to Your Clerk! And Read Our Reports from the Scrum

While many among us will spend the day goofing off at our desk jobs dreaming of the enormous meal ahead; shopping for the enormous meal ahead; or languishing in LaGuardia to make it in the nick of time to the enormous meal ahead, today is generally one of the busiest days of the year for most markets–be they Green or Whole. As you wait for those cranberries to caramelize, we’d like to offer some reading materials from posts past.

Talk Turkey at Two in our Live Facebook Q&A with Gotham Bar and Grill Chef Alfred Portale

Don’t forget to join us in just four hours for a live Q & A on our Facebook page with Chef Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar and Grill! From 2-4pm, Chef Portale will be answering all your questions about preparing and executing your Thanksgiving feasts (check out more details about it all right here.) Want to know how to flavor the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie with rosemary bitters? You could win lunch for two at his restaurant just by asking!

Tipple Sheet–The Owners of Park Avenue Liquor Shop Tell Us What to Drink on Thursday

We asked Eric and Jonathan Goldstein–who run the Manhattan landmark that is the Park Avenue Liquor Shop with their father–to write up their favorite Thanksgiving wines and spirits for Edible readers. Their (often hilarious) picks are below. If what you read sounds delicious–we dig especially the post-meal cranberry liqueur–note that they deliver all over Manhattan.

Psst: Goof off on Facebook Tomorrow and You Could Win Lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill

You’re probably technically at work until Wednesday, but we know what’s really on your mind: What’s the deal with deep-fried turkeys? Is there a secret to super-fluffy mashed potatoes? Are giblets really necessary for gravy? What apples are best for pie? That’s right, there’s plenty of Googling to do in the next few days as you prepare for Thursday’s big feast. But now you don’t have to: Chef Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar and Grill will be on-hand tomorrow for a live Q & A on our Facebook page.

For Those Eating Out On Thursday, May We Suggest This Mini-Feast Spectacle

Maybe we’re just suckers for historical affairs, but one one of the best meals we’ve had all year was the Mark Twain Feast Spectacle at Bubby’s in Brooklyn. Seriously, the spread was so bountiful, a Thanksgiving buffet table is practically bare in comparison. And when the original Bubby’s in Tribeca (now celebrating it’s 21st year) sent us the menu of what they’ll be serving at brunch and dinner next Thursday–it’s pay what you want, and all proceeds go to the New York City Rescue Mission, the homeless shelter nearby Bubby’s in Tribeca–we happily noticed some similarities.