THE EDIBLE GUIDE: Bakeries

      Summer is a time for leaving the oven off and heading outdoors to dine. Next time your picnic calls for a crusty loaf of bread or a crumbly scone, check out our guide for links to dozens of bakeries around town.

      Doughnuts! We Forgot to Tell You About Orwasher’s Doughnuts Today on NY1

      Today on our weekly NY1 television segment we visit Orwasher’s Bakery on the Upper East Side, whose 100-year-old basement brick ovens were bought by Keith Cohen in 2007. (And were profiled in the last issue of the magazine, to boot.) As you’ll see in the piece (online right here), Cohen bought the place with a vision to make true artisan breads using the best of both old-fashioned techniques and new ideas. But we forgot to tell you about his amazing jelly doughnuts.