What to Make with Grapefruit

Margaritas and meringues are just the beginning.


Most days, I’m perfectly content with just slicing the yellow spheres down the middle and spooning out the fruit. Photo by @halfbakedharvest

Winter is actually my second favorite season for fruit, thanks to citrus. No other season really holds a candle to summer, of course.

To support the local high school band’s annual fund-raiser, my parents would order Florida-grown navel oranges and grapefruit by the box when I was little. Maybe my mom forced me to eat the fruit three times a day before our stock spoiled, but I grew to love the stuff regardless and now eat at least a grapefruit a day during the winter months.

I’m a purist at heart, perfectly content with just slicing the yellow spheres down the middle and spooning out the fruit. I love grapefruit’s flavor in almost anything, though, and recently found some inspiration on FeedFeed’s website:

Broiled grapefruit

broiled grapefruit

Recipe by @LaurenKelp, Photo by @constancehigley

Assuming you’ve got a functional oven and baking sheet, Lauren Kelp’s recipe only requires 10 minutes and three ingredients: grapefruit, ground cinnamon and turbinado sugar.

Winter grapefruit salad


Photo and Recipe by @jessiskitchen

This recipe’s all about the dressing, which includes orange juice, olive oil and chili powder. I’m never not interested in a cilantro garnish, too.

Spicy grapefruit margarita


Photo and Recipe by @halfbakedharvest

Few things can help you see winter through rose-tinted shades like a margarita. This recipe’s chili-salt rim caught my attention.

Pink grapefruit meringue pie


Photo and Recipe by @sweetandsavory.shinee

Today being #piday and all, I’m going to just leave this here…




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