“Women in the ’60s Made Pickles, Too” — Our Interview with Yoko Ono

Three years ago, we had the privilege of interviewing artist and activist Yoko Ono in our holiday issue. Not only did we learn about some of her and John’s favorite foods, but she also shared her thoughts on the recent reclamation of homemaking. When we asked her thoughts on young and progressive women who enthusiastically make their own pickles, her response couldn’t have been better: “Women of the ’60s made pickles, too, you know. Health food started then. We were feminists but we weren’t dumb.”

Ono has kept up her activist work since our interview and has gained significant attention for her Artists Against Fracking campaign that’s specifically aimed at preventing the practice in New York. You can read more about the campaign on their website and read our full interview in our winter 2010 issue.