Boutique Medical Practice Uses Food and Tech to Boost Health

“We know that in life and in health, change is a process not an event. So an annual checkup is worthless,” Berzin (left) said. Photo courtesy of Parsley Health.


Editor’s note: We kicked off our first annual Food Loves Tech event last summer in Chelsea—here’s a recap. We’re bringing a taste of the food and farming future back this year, but just across the East River at Industry City. Leading up to the event, this story is part of an ongoing series about technology’s effects on our food supply.

Few among us don’t want to be healthier in some way. Yet, whether it’s managing a chronic illness, reducing stress or drinking more water, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never simple, but a new boutique medical practice is aiming to make it easier and they’re using food and tech to help.

“I saw an opportunity to evolve medicine in a new way using tech, data, next-generation testing and a high touch, more lifestyle driven approach to primary care,” Founder of Parsley Health Dr. Robin Berzin.

The members-only practice, costs between $1,640-$1,788 per year, includes five doctor visits many of which can be done via video, 24 health coach lessons and 24/7 access to testing results, information and doctor and health coach support via email, phone, text or video.

“We know that foods, exercise, lifestyle and stress management habits play a huge role in mental health and mental and physical health are not separate,” Berzin said.

At the initial visit members are given a health plan that includes which foods are best for the patient based on their history, their exam and sometimes testing including genetics and food sensitivities. Roughly a month later, during a follow-up visit, test results and patient experience with the initial recommendations will result in changes to the plan. In between visits with the doctor, patients work with a health coach to get past any roadblocks.

“We know that in life and in health, change is a process not an event. So an annual checkup is worthless,” Berzin said.

For those wanting to get healthier straight away, Berzin said that overall they find a whole foods diet free from added sugars, refined grains, excess alcohol and caffeine is the number one way to improve health, lower inflammation and have more energy.