VIDEO: How to Choose Goat Cheese

Where do we even begin when faced with so much mouthwatering cheese options?

We live in a city that increasingly has more and more incredible cheese options, but with an abundance of well-curated cheese shops also comes the burden of choice. Where do we even begin when faced with so many mouthwatering options?

We took a trip to Bedford Cheese Shop in Gramercy and talked to expert Tia Keenan about one of our favorite varietals: goat cheese.

While some might reduce goat cheese to the classic log, its history is long and its many varieties are almost too numerous to count.

The most famous and classic goat cheeses are from France — where it is known as chèvre — and Keenan suggests starting there with your choices. From an ashen Valençay to a creamy Crottin, she has everything from soft-rinded choices to hard cheeses you may not have known could be categorized as goat cheese.

Watch the video above to learn all about chèvre. You can also stop by the shop to pick up any of the varieties mentioned in the video, as well as a wide selection of both New York and other domestic goat cheeses.

Featured photo credit: Flickr/Guacamoliest




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