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We’re just days away from sending our drinks issue to press, but we need your help deciding on the perfect cover. We can’t wait to share stories including Swedish coffee traditions, handmade glassware at Eleven Madison Park and honey-infused cocktails at the Waldorf Astoria.

See our options above and below, cast your vote and spread the word in support of your favorite. We reserve the right to make the final call, but put a lot of weight on what you readers have to say.

The captions below correspond to the gallery photos above, starting with the photo of the coffee and cookies and moving left to right:

  1. The Swedish fika tradition, option 1 (cookies and coffee on table) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  2. Eleven Madison Park, option 1 (dessert spread) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  3. Kopi Kopi, option 1 (pink and yellow drink) — Alan Gastelum
  4. Waldorf Astoria honey cocktail — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  5. The Swedish fika tradition, option 2 (chocolate and coffee spread) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  6. Kopi Kopi, option 2 (coffee drink with chocolate garnish) — Alan Gastelum
  7. Eleven Madison Park, option 2 (wine thief) — Scott Gordon Bleicher

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