glamping governors island
Get Out of Town!

If you have a nagging suspicion that you didn’t quite achieve Maximum Summer 2022, there’s still time to get its last licks.

schooner Apollonia
Carbon-Neutral Pirates of The Schooner Apollonia

Ap·ol·LO·ni·an /apəˈlōnēən/ adjective Relating to the rational, ordered, and self-disciplined aspects of human nature. Sailing Out The sailors are barefoot as they tread across the steel deck, preparing to motor past the bobbing boats docked…

From the Archive: Easy Plum Ice Cream

Apricots and peaches have yielded the stage to apples and pears, but I’m going to be eating Macs, Winesaps and Bosc til rhubarb season so I postpone the inevitable with the year’s final stone fruit: plums.

A Long, Sweet Journey

Growing up in the Bronx, pastry chef Emily Rodriguez says, “There was no fine dining around me; no one in my family was a chef.I just knew I needed a way to express myself.”Rodriguez credits her path to a high schoolguidance counselor,“who was really invested in me.She set up a program and sent me to different places so I could get an idea of what I liked.” Although law and media didn’t interest Rodrigues, food did.