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Eat for a Good Cause: Hurricane Sandy Relief Dinners, Benefits and More

Everywhere we look it seems people are pitching in–helping neighbors throw out damaged furniture and scour their floors, donating clothes and homemade meals, or fundraising to buy the newly homeless undies and blankets. If you’re looking for more ways to help our neighbors in need after Hurricane Sandy, here are some worthy (and delicious) options.

Brooklyn Grange Loses Bees to Hurricane Sandy, Vows to Rebuild NYC’s Largest Commercial Apiary

When Hurricane Sandy’s surge waters attacked the Brooklyn water front, they didn’t just threaten human lives. More than a dozen hives on a pier in the Navy Yard served as the home base for NYC’s largest commercial apiary, the result of years of effort and a successful $22,000 Kickstarter project by Brooklyn Grange. By the time Sandy’s waters had receded, only a few of the hives remained. Most had floated away.

Donate to the Red Cross Now to Help Fellow Sandy Survivors

In light of the water-filled homes and debris-covered streets in Manhattan this morning, we at Edible are feeling very grateful. We have water, food, and dry homes to keep warm in. But many of our neighbors in New York City, New Jersey and out on Long Island aren’t so lucky today.