What to Buy This Spring at New York City’s Greenmarkets

It’s looking (and tasting) a lot like spring at the city’s Greenmarkets. Make the most of the springtime treats we wait all year for by getting yourself to your closest market stat. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Annie Spratt

Asparagus is sprouting, herbs are popping, boughs are blossoming—yes, it’s looking (and tasting) a lot like spring at the city’s Greenmarkets. Make the most of the springtime treats we wait all year for by getting yourself to your closest market stat. Here’s what to buy while you can:


Overwintered Greens from Norwich Meadows Farm

Planted in the fall, these greens sleep through winter and then spring to life in late March and April. To keep themselves warm during the winter, they produce more sugar, making them an extra-sweet green treat. Grab them at Union Square Greenmarket on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays from Norwich Meadows Farm.


Cheese from Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery

Yes, cheese has seasons, and spring cheeses are often lighter-bodied, thanks to fresh spring grasses. Taste it yourself by picking up some fresh goat cheese from Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery, Fridays at Union Square Greenmarket.

Fiddleheads from Willow Wisp Organic Farm

One of the true harbingers of spring, I always get excited when I spy fiddleheads at the market. Willow Wisp Organic Farm says they’ll be here any day now. The organic farm is at Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays and at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Saturdays.

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Pullet Eggs from Old Mother Hubbert and Gail’s Farm Poultry

Often richer than regular, pullet eggs are smaller eggs, laid by chickens less than a year old that are still practicing their egg-laying skills. Old Mother Hubbert (at various Manhattan and Queens Greenmarkets throughout the week) and Gail’s Farm both should have some.


Maple Syrup from Deep Mountain Maple

Maple syrup season is starting to wrap up and as a result the syrup in the market is so fresh (the candy isn’t bad either). Find Deep Mountain Maple at Union Square Greenmarket on Fridays and Saturdays.

Herbs from Oak Grove Plantation

Start or restart your kitchen counter garden with potted herbs from Oak Grove Plantation. And dog owners, when you’re picking up those herbs, grab some of their homemade treats for your pooch. At Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There’s a huge variety of potted herbs at market right now


Asparagus from Windfall Farms

Get excited. Windfall Farms says asparagus will be here any day now at Union Square Greenmarket (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and 79th St. at Columbus Greenmarket (Sundays).

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There’s nothing like fresh blooms to brighten up a room. Many of the orchards (James Durr Florist, Caradonna Farms, Locust Grove Fruit Farm) have their blossoming boughs at the market. Think peach, quince, magnolia, cherry and more.


Spring Foraged Items

It’s the most wonderful time of year for foraged items. Look for morels, ramps, nettles, spring garlic, dandelion greens, Japanese knotweed and more at the markets, too.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks look for rhubarb, lettuce, radishes and spinach to start appearing at the markets as well.