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About Edible Manhattan

Edible Manhattan tells the story of how the city eats. Along with our other Edible titles, it belongs to a network of Edible magazines and websites across North America.

We chronicle how the region eats. Through editorial and at events where our stories come to life, we celebrate the people who are building the sort of food culture we want—one that’s diverse, accessible, sustainable and delicious.

We hunger for bits of forgotten food history; a bialy in Chelsea or mangu in Washington Heights; an artisan, cook or chef who makes their own aquavit or cured meats; a factory or store with a culinary specialty, be it big or small; a trend that is really making a difference in how the city thinks about food; and community gardens and rooftop farms that feed Gotham.

Women Eating Oysters with Orange Bibs On By Damon Jacoby
Photo by Damon Jacoby

Dedicated Foodies Obsessed With Great Stories

The people behind Edible Manhattan are not just passionate about food—they’re obsessed with it! They live food-first, keeping their fingers on the pulse of what to eat (and who’s making it) in this big, bad city of ours.


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Edible Manhattan is a quarterly print magazine serving up the most exciting local food experiences around the city and upstate. Get in on the fun by subscribing here.  

Photo by Anisha Sisodia
Photo by Anisha Sisodia

What’re You Waiting For?

Join in on the action by writing stories with us, advertising with us or hosting an event with us. We love meeting new people, so feel free to shoot us an email! 


Dinner Tonight?

We got you covered. If you’re planning to stay in, consider whipping up these coconut curry noodles with shrimp and napa cabbage. If you’re in the mood to go out, Atlantic Grill has a red snapper tempura that you just have to experience for yourself (and an ultra-fluffy lychee cheesecake, just saying). 


Our Edible Community

The publishers of Edible Manhattan are also proud to publish Edible Brooklyn, Edible Hudson Valley and Edible Westchester.

We are a part of Edible Communities, a network of over 90 independently owned magazines, and the global community of Edible Publishers.