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Good Food Awards 2013 Finalists Announced

While other awards recognize food that tastes good or food that is good for the planet, the Good Food Awards honor people who make food that is good in all senses of the word: delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions. This year’s finalists represented us New Yorkers well, with 17 of those finalists hailing from our great state.

Wisconsin’s Underground Food Collective Hits the West Village Next Month

Last night we were lucky enough to attend one of three incredible Underground Food Collective pop-up dinners in the Brooklyn catering kitchens of Sweet Deliverance. It was the second trip this winter to Bed-Stuy for the semi-famous Madison, Wisc. cooking crew and charcuterie masters (see their fridge photo above) which is about to open a new restaurant back home. If you missed their meals this past week–which started with biscuits and cheese spread and included a salumi and pickle plate, a platter of spreadable salami-gnocchi topped with Brazilian-style linguica, a pig ear and carrot salad, chicharrón with mushrooms and steak pinwheels stuffed with chimichurri; and ended with Shaker lemon pie–don’t worry, they told us they’ll be coming back to Joseph Leonard at 170 Waverly Place in March.