Marie Viljoen is a writer, photographer, gardener and cook. On her tiny Harlem terrace she grows vegetables, herbs, strawberries, blueberries and black raspberries. And some flowers, too. She believes in food, flowers and plants you can eat. Her new book is 66 Square Feet - A Delicious Life (Abrams). Marie's urban green and edible blogs are 66 Square Feet and 66 Square Feet (the Food).

Apple Pie

What’s Ahead for the Seasonal Eater? It’s Apples

Deprivation. That is what eating seasonally means. It means that in high summer you do not eat an apple. You walk right on by that crackling green Granny Smith that lurks year round in the grocery store bins. Because it didn’t come from around here. It means that in January you do not buy those stackable plastic boxes of raspberries (sometimes I cheat; I do), and it means that tomatoes are not the pink slices in silly salads or the vine-grown California ones in February, but the ripe, fat, sweet and bursting Brandywines of August.