When Lazy Met Lard

mothershelper-with-creditGreat minds do think alike, right? Especially when they’re LAZY minds. We were just getting ready to remind you guys that, here in the middle of the stressful holiday pie season, that Flying Pigs farm makes truly kick-ass frozen pie crusts made of King Arthur flour, Ronnymilk Dairy butter and their own lard, captured to the left by our photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell (and sold at greenmarket stalls on Saturdays at both Union Square and Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope, Brooklyn). But it looks like Adam Roberts, aka the Amateur Gourmet, beat us to it, blogging a nice little bit on the crusts and their tastiness atop an apple pie: “Not only could I feel good about this lard on an ethical level, but I could feel good about it on a lazy person level: they put it in the pie crust for you!”

Well A.G., we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we’re not just complimenting your work because you mentioned you’d found the lardy love by reading the current issue of Edible Manhattan. (Or because we go way back, thanks to some bodega beans.) And we also have an answer to your question: “I never know if I’m stealing an Edible Manhattan when I remove it from a coffee shop or store. Usually there’s a price on top of it, but they’re stacked up next to The Onion and the Onion’s free, right?” Yes, it is free in many places, so if you see a copy, grab one while you can. But, and we looove this option, you can always buy it at Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble and other magazine shops. And if you choose to subscribe, or just send us a dollar or two every time you read one, we certainly wouldn’t mind. Hey, we might even bake you a pie.




Rachel Wharton is the former deputy editor of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan. She won a 2010 James Beard food journalism award, holds a master’s degree in Food Studies from New York University, and has more than 15 years of experience as a writer, editor and reporter. A North Carolina native and a former features food reporter for the New York Daily News, she edited the Edible Brooklyn cookbook and was the co-author of both Handheld Pies and DiPalo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy. Her work also appears in publications such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Saveur.