There’s Snow Market Like This One

new_amsterdam_marketA Very Important Reminder: Just in case you haven’t already started the snowy trek to South Street Seaport for the last New Amsterdam Market of the year, it’s on, it’s today (Sunday, that is) and it goes until 4 p.m. We’re thinking of it as the ultimate foodie proscrastinator’s holiday gift shoppe, what with all the cheeses, breads, meats and such you can buy for those you love to feed. And oh yeah! You can also pick them up a subscription to Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn AND Edible East End too, while you’re at it. They’ve been getting better every month—we mean the Market, but heck, the Edibles do too–and despite the lack of tomatoes this time of year, this one stands to be better than ever, if only for the sweet Home Banking Pavilion (!) the Heartland Brewery City Harvest fundraiser tent (!!) and the homemade peppermint stick ice cream (!!!) the princely folks at Princeton’s Bent Spoon ice cream planned to have in tow.