Our New Year’s Resolutions (aka Where to Eat on the Eve and the Morning After)


New Year’s Feed: You know you want this guy to make you brunch on Friday, don’t you? Photo: Carolyn Fong.

By now every publication in town has told you where to eat on both the Eve and the Dawn of 2010, and we’d like to throw our two cents into the mix, if you don’t happen to have plans.

If we didn’t already have to go to a dinner on the Eve ourselves, we would surely take part in the $60 historical four-course prix-fixe at Fort Defiance, the Red Hook restaurant and cocktail bar and coffee shop opened up by Edible spirits writer St. John Frizell (that’s him all smiley there to the left). We know, we know, it’s in Brooklyn, and way the hell out in Brooklyn, and not close to a subway at all, but hey, it’s just a block or two from the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel by cab. Which you could maybe splurge on for the Eve.

Better still, it’s a meal–there are two menus to choose from–to celebrate the 219th birthday of food writer Charles H. Baker, Jr. (“our favorite bon vivant,” says the restaurant) with recipes, and drinks, natch, from his three trips around the world in the 1920s and 1930s. (Reservations and deets: 347-453-6672.)

A meal based on the travels of a fabulous 1930s food writer with one of our very own writers in an off the beaten path place: How much more Edible does it get? Plus they’re open the next day from 9 a.m. onward to serve a Southern brunch–Frizell did a stint in New Orleans before making Brooklyn home–featuring hangover helpers like Coco-Cola ham and biscuits and gravy.

And speaking of help post-hangover, if you haven’t already set your reservation for the brunch over at the Waldorf=Astoria (the city’s finest hotel is sourcing locally these days, as we mentioned earlier this week), you might also want to head back over to Brooklyn on the L train on Friday morning.

Not only is Peter Luger’s open all day–they’re booked, but you can always have the massive $9 burger at the bar, and good lord, you should–but just yesterday when we were enjoying an Eccles Cake over at the maritime-themed Saltie (378 Metropolitan Avenue), they let us know they’d not only be open on the Day but hosting a FREE tarot card reader. She can tell you right then and there whether you’ll stick with your resolutions, no doubt. (One of which should be to subscribe to us, right?)

And whether she’s on the money or dead wrong–only 2010 will tell!–Saltie’s sweets and sandwiches are pretty much hangover-perfect. (The place does hew to a sailor-style shtick, after all.) Depending on how your body is holding up by that point, we’d suggest either The Captain’s Daughter, $8, a fat double layer of foccacia with sardines, pickled eggs and salsa verde, or the Ships Biscuit, $6, a milder mix of ricotta and and a soft scrambled egg. Then back to bed with ye!