The Whisky Makes You Sweeter: Tickets on Sale for Whisky Live


Mmmm, whisky. If you didn’t get enough sipping among the myriad local and afar distilleries that graced Good Spirits this month, here’s a good follow-up for you if you’re fond of fawn-colored quaffs. Those with an urge for uisge beatha can sample to their hooch-loving heart’s content at this year’s Whisky Live on April 9th at Chelsea Piers Pier 60. This year brings together 85 myriad malts from nine different countries: Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Tazmania (yes, Tazmania!), France, India, Japan, England and the United States. And as to the latter, some of our favorite local liquid will be making an appearance, too:

Black Dirt Distillery, Warwick, NY
Breuckelen Distilling, Brooklyn, NY
Dutch’s Spirits, Pine Plains, NY
Widow Jane Distillery, Brooklyn, NY
Van Brunt Stillhouse, Brooklyn, NY

Because in case you’ve been living under a dry, dry rock, we’re in the midst of a spirits revolution in the Empire State. Dig it! The event goes from 5-10pm and tickets can be nabbed here. Cheers.

Credit: Flickr/jlastras

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