Letters to the Editor

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The Legacy of Joe Baum, Issue No. 12, July-August

What a fabulous article on the late, great Joe Baum. Charlie was thrilled to read it and see how well you captured his dad’s essence….all without a live interview with the man himself! Thank you for reminding the food world that there were generations of geniuses before them.

Warm regards,
Jennifer Baum (Joe’s daughter-in-law)

I very much enjoyed your article on Joe Baum and appreciate being mentioned in it. However, the lack of picture captions seems like a grave error and a waste. Otherwise I love your magazine.

Best wishes,
Mimi Sheraton, Greenwich Village

To see those historical photos with expanded captions, provided by Ms. Sheraton and by Baum’s daughter Hilary, click here.

In the Kitchen With Mary Ellen Mark, Issue No. 12, July-August

I just read your interview with Mary Ellen Mark. I must say I love that you did a portrait of someone who has a minimalist, antagonistic relationship with food—the generation of women (of which my mother is a card-carrying member) who saw cigarettes as the main food group.

Amy Wolf, East Midtown

Re: Mary Ellen Mark’s Appetite—or, should I say, lack thereof. I read this section in your July/August issue and was confounded as to why you profiled this person, who appears to eat only tomato juice and Tic-Tacs. Isn’t your magazine about food and the people who enjoy it? Clearly, she does not eat much of anything, much less receive joy from it. Every other comment had to do with a food that is too fattening or has too many calories. How boorish! I feel this runs counter to the central theme of the Edible magazines. Perhaps, in future volumes, you could pick someone who actually possesses an appetite. Surely, on the island of Manhattan, there lives such a person.

John Hunter, Brooklyn

Hi John, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was delighted when such a prominent New Yorker agreed to let us profile her eating habits and dismayed that she answered nearly all my questions in terms of weight gain. (I told her she looks fantastic, which she does.) I was torn over whether to publish the interview, but felt it offered a fascinating vantage point on one relationship with food, albeit unlike the kind we typically celebrate. Here’s to healthy appetites!

Gabrielle Langholtz, Editor

Photo credit: Instagram/carolange13